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Nostalgia-Sketches over the Years

June 20

There is a lot of 90s music playing on the radio and it is putting me in a pretty nostalgic mood. I went on a … 続きを読む →...

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Site Update and Trip to Gifu

June 05

You guys might have noticed stuff being tweaked with on the site. I decided to add a section about interesting … 続きを読む →...

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Sakura, Sakura

April 02

It is that time of year again. The time of year when the sakura bloom and the new fiscal year starts for Japan … 続きを読む →...

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March 11

    Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the 3.11 Tohoku Earthquake. 3 years ago over 15,000 people lo … 続きを読む →...

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Bath Cafe

March 10

  Look like a nice computer mock-up? Well this is actually the entrance to one of my new favorite places, … 続きを読む →...

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Tokyo Manga-ka

February 24

Yesterday I went to an event where German manga-ka, Davi Nathaneal, spoke.   Hearing his story was really … 続きを読む →...

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Making Miso – The Spiritual Journey

February 12

The soybean is an incredible, beautiful thing. This is something that I only really appreciated once I came to … 続きを読む →...

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Updates, Getting Hit by a Car, and Happy Birthday

February 07

If you follow me elsewhere, you will know that this has been a pretty turbulent start to 2014. I lost a family … 続きを読む →...

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Galapagos Phones: A Japanese relic

January 21

When I got my first cellphone in Japan, 7 years ago, this was a common scene:     Japanese phones we … 続きを読む →...

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