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Nostalgia-Sketches over the Years

There is a lot of 90s music playing on the radio and it is putting me in a pretty nostalgic mood. I went on a journey to find some old art of mine on the internet.

So here you go:


circa 2008, when I studied in Kyoto. This is the Kamogawa river near Imadegawa.



I went back to Kyoto maybe winter of 2008 and decided to go up to Kibune Shrine.

This was a sketch I did while sitting on some shrine steps.





I drew this in 2012….I think I was trying to prove that I could draw backgrounds.

I didn’t make a very convincing argument with this piece. It is pretty bad.

It’s JR Ochanomizu station. I really love this station in summertime.



I might have drawn this in the spring of 2012.

Zenpukuji River park is relatively unknown but it is actually an amazing cherry blossom spot. The entire river is lined with trees.






Anyway, hope you enjoyed that walk down memory lane with me!



June 20  

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