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Updates, Getting Hit by a Car, and Happy Birthday

If you follow me elsewhere, you will know that this has been a pretty turbulent start to 2014. I lost a family member, got my bike taken away a day later, bought a new bike, then got hit by a car when riding it back home. Then it was my birthday! I spent the day not sleeping so I could have my comic printed out to sell at Big Sight. It is almost comical how bad this year has been.
However, I have only experienced 38 out of 365 much more 2014 ahead of us!
I have vowed to spend my time doing as much of what I want to do as money and time can possibly allow. Also to get the best content on this site!
Yeah, it is a lofty goal, but no point having lame goals, right?
This weekend I will be going to some of the onsen that I wrote about here. For fact-checking purposes….
Next week I am going to be making some miso. I will probably post pictures despite not knowing the general public’s interest in miso-making….
Here is a picture that always makes me happy. I saw this in Kyoto, in a random alley:



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