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Sakura, Sakura

It is that time of year again. The time of year when the sakura bloom and the new fiscal year starts for Japan. New company workers fill the streets in a sea of black suits while the skies are filled with light, fluffy puffs of pink.

Oh spring, how I love you and the things you bring…..

One of those things being sakura-flavored goodies. Like these:


2014-03-08 20.24.41



And the classical sakura mochi….(sakura rice cake)

There are 2 different styles of this rice cake. The one on the left is the “eastern” Kanto style and the one on the right is “western” Kansai style. I personally like the Kansai one better.


2014-03-01 15.18.38


And now to the actual sakura….

This photo is of the sakura trees around Nakano. If you follow me and notice a lot of stuff seems to be in Nakano/Suginami Ward you are extremely astute! Cuz that is my hood.


2014-03-31 13.32.05




I went out to Ueno to see the cherry blossoms at night. The crowds were a bit stifling but there were pockets where people were not seeming to walk around, so we decided to walk there.


2014-03-29 18.54.35



I really like the atmosphere with the food stands (“yattai”) and the way that their lights shine onto the white blossoms.


2014-03-29 18.56.52



Unfortunately, this is also a side effect of the festivities that happen every year.

There usually are not trash cans in Tokyo. These trash bins are just for the sakura festivities.

I am planning to do a hanami this weekend. I will post more sakura pictures on my Twitter or Tumblr account, so if you want to see them, come check them out!


2014-03-29 19.06.24

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