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Site Update and Trip to Gifu

You guys might have noticed stuff being tweaked with on the site. I decided to add a section about interesting things that are happening, but I don’t know if anyone is really using it? It’s hard trying to figure out what people could benefit from.


This last weekend I actually went on a little trip over to Gifu prefecture. I had wanted to go to Hida Takayama. As you can tell from the website, it is a town that has made itself a pretty international tourist destination (just the presence of languages other than Japanese on a site makes it seem international). I can see why people keep going to it though!


The biggest draw is the old-style storehouse and shop buildings in the city downtown. Combine that with the fact that it is nestled in the Japanese Alps and it makes it all the more beautiful.


Unfortunately, because I can’t afford a train, I took the night bus over from Shinjuku at 10:50 PM (about 6,000 yen one way). It landed me in Takayama at 4:30 AM.


As you can imagine, Takayama is a pretty dead town at 4:30 AM. So I found a little tourist kiosk and took a free map. They had several suggested walking tours mapped out, so I dutifully decided to follow them. It landed me in this hillside cemetery at around 6 AM.




I will upload this and other photos when I get an article together.

But for now I will say, overall, I was very satisfied. Gifu is a bit of a trip for a weekend though. You might want to give yourself a little more time there.

Next trip I will go out to Izu to get a glimpse of the hydrangea festival/the seaside of Izu.

Was thinking about going out to Okutama this weekend, but tsuyu has just begun and it seems like it will be very rainy….



June 05  

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