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Tokyo Manga-ka

Yesterday I went to an event where German manga-ka, Davi Nathaneal, spoke.


Hearing his story was really interesting, because I have never personally met a manga-ka who is published in Japan and foreign before.


He is also a grad of a manga vocational school and was told by an editor, like every foreign manga-ka, to draw a manga about themselves.


I can relate to this, because I also went to manga vocational school, and also have been told the exact same thing. I just didn’t win a contest and get a book deal (yet)………

(hope springs eternal)


But he did it!



This book is about his dating life in the big city.





He now does one-shots for different women’s magazines, and is trying to be serialized again.

He said he has 10 tantos (editors who you work with when you try and get your work in their magazine)…


He was super nice, and down-to-earth. You can read an interview with him in this article (it is in Japanese, sorry)…



Gonna add it to my “Foreigners in Japan” manga collection I have growing in my room lol.

Here are some pictures of his work:





Meeting with him and other manga-ka/aspiring manga-ka got me fired up again. Hopefully you’ll see me starting a new story now

I stalked him and found his Japanese blog:

If you want to see my story manga work, I am slowly uploading it here:

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