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My Very First Haikyo

January 14

If you have lived in Japan for awhile, or just like old things, you may have heard about places called “ … 続きを読む →...

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Squirrel Heaven in Tokyo

December 02

About 2 weeks ago I saw an article on the internet about “squirrel gardens” in Japan and my intere … 続きを読む →...

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Shingeki no Exhibit

November 12

I realized I hadn’t written anything here lately so I decided to just fill you guys in on what I have be … 続きを読む →...

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The Table Flip (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

October 16

The table flip (in Japanese, “chabudai-gaeshi”) is a well-known phenomenon that the internet enjoy … 続きを読む →...

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A Dolphin-killing Theme Park?

October 11

If you have ever watched the 2009 Oscar-winning film”The Cove” (or seen the South Park episode  … 続きを読む →...

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Arts in Tokyo

October 07

This weekend I got to see a production of Avenue Q by the Tokyo International Players! I am largely unaware of … 続きを読む →...

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Japan for Cheapskates

October 02

I when I was checking out the internet today I stumbled across this article: … 続きを読む →...

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Where’s Waldo?

September 30

Just got back to Japan to find that there had been an epic game of Where’s Waldo? on Saturday in Shibuya … 続きを読む →...

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Sleeping on Trains

September 25

If you go to Japan you will most definitely be riding trains, and there will most definitely be people sleepin … 続きを読む →...

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