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Japan for Cheapskates

I when I was checking out the internet today I stumbled across this article:

….And was really surprised at about half of these…It’s not that fun walking around Tokyo University. I felt like I should add my 2 cents.

1. Katsura Rikkyu- is on the list in the article and is probably the best thing for you to see if you are visiting the Kyoto area. Regular Japanese citizens need to enter A LOTTERY in order to get a reservation to see it. Foreign tourists only have a limited amount of time they are in the country, so they are the only ones that can schedule exact dates to go see it. Don’t miss your chance!

2. Fushimi Inari Taisha – I actually already did an article on Fushimi Inari. I love Fushimi Inari. Please check it out, it is 0 yen:

3. Asakusa Sensoji – The large temple in Asakusa. There is a large promenade of shops leading up to it. End of August there is a SAMBA FESTIVAL 🙂 (I went this year…I will share my experience another day…)

4. Old and New Animate Flagship Store in Ikebukuro – If you are an anime fan you might need to visit the main store in Ikebukuro. The old main store is also in Ikebukuro but it has limited items and the top floors  are always changing and host different exhibits. Some of the exhibits are pretty fun, especially if they happen to have your favorite character on display.

5. Kusatsu Onsen – If you want to enter the onsen at one of the hotels then it is not free. However…If you walk around Kusatsu’s center you will start to notice little huts all over the town. Each of these huts contain a small tub overflowing with steamy hot spring water. There is little room to change, so dress in something you can fling off readily and bring a towel!

Kusatsu’s Onsen Guide:

If you have any you think are worth adding/talking about please comment! I love finding new places to explore.

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