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Asagaya Tanabata Festival Starting Today! 8/6-8/10

Asagaya Tanabata Festival is the biggest tanabata festival in the Tokyo city limits. It takes place in the shopping arcade on the south side of the exit, near the McDonalds, if you go down the street ...

August 06

Pikachus are taking over Yokohama Minato Mirai 8/9-8/17

1,000 Pikachus will be all over the famous harbor area of Yokohama from 8/9-8/17.... Having a hard time imagining what that might be like? Well....   It's a PIKACHU OUTBREAK  ...

July 25

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Opens in Osaka!

Just yesterday (7/15) the new section of Universal Studios Japan, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened to the public in Osaka. There are 3 main areas to the park: Hogsmeade, Hogwarts and the ...

July 16

Mitama Festival at Yasukuni Shrine (7/13-7/16)

Yasukuni Shrine is famous for being the shrine to all of Japan's war-dead (even some war-dead that are not remembered too fondly). The overwhelming majority of souls that have come to rest at this shr...

July 10

Enjoy swimming in a waterpark for free? (7/12-7/13)

In celebration of the summer opening of the water park, Rainbow Pool, in Kokuei Showa Memorial Park the first 15,000 people to show up for that day get free admission. First come, first serve, so f...

July 09

Hamarikyu is opening early all summer! Have a morning stroll before work

Hamarikyu gardens are opening 1.5 hours earlier than their usual 7:30 am opening time. They will continue to do this until August 10th. You will still need to pay admission to visit, but you will e...

July 07

Free screening of the movie, “Hafu” tonight(7/1) in Shibuya!

The below is copy-pasted from the July 2014 ACS (American Citizen Services) Newsletter: TELL is proud to present a screening of the documentary film 'Hafu', which addresses the intricacies of mixed...

July 01

Hydrangea Festival in Shimoda, Shizuoka! All JUNE

I actually ventured down to Shimoda to see this festival and I can whole-heartedly recommend it. There are hundreds of thousands of hydrangea plants for you to see.   Where: Shimoda Par...

June 20

Narita Express to now go all the way to Mt. Fuji this summer!

JR East Railways has announced that there will be special Narita express trains that go all the way to Lake Kawaguchi, near the foot of Mt. Fuji this summer. Because Mt. Fuji has gotten registered ...

June 11
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