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Guide to Sakura: Tokyo Edition



So you are in Tokyo and you want to see every last sakura?

Well, you are in luck. I made a pretty good list of the 16 most cherry blossom-y places in the 23 wards of Tokyo.

Some random bits of advice:

-Most parks allow drinking, but not everywhere. If you paid to get in the garden, and it looks unsuited for regular hanami (flower viewing) activities, do not drink.

-Go to the bathroom while you can. Cherry blossoms bring enormous crowds. Yoyogi Park can easily have a 20 min line for the restroom.

-Bring something to sit down on. Grass is scarce and your bum will thank you.


*If you are confused about what hanami is or you would like to know sites that give you information about when the flowers bloom, you might want to check out my article here.


I made a pseudo helpful map of major sakura spots. The green line is the Yamanote Line and the orange is the Chuo Line (a train line that cuts through Tokyo).



MAJOR MAJOR SPOTS (lots of sakura, lots of people)


1. Yoyogi Park, Shibuya-ku 500 sakura are here. Yoyogi Park is one of the few places you can enjoy sitting on the grass while looking at sakura.


2. Ueno Park, Taito-ku 1200 sakura trees and at the peak of their blossoming, around 1 million people could come here a day.


3. Shinjuku Gyoen, Shinjuku-ku  about 1,300 sakura here. There is a small entry fee to get into the park, so there are relatively few people.


4. Inokashira Park, Musashino City (Okay, not technically a ward of Tokyo) 500 trees are in this park, surrounding a small lake. The atmosphere is nice, and the town around it full of cute cafes and restaurants.


5. Yasukuni Shrine, Chiyoda-ku This infamous shrine for the war-dead has 600 sakura trees. It also has a night festival, where there is food and the sakura are lit up.


6. Sumida Park, Sumida-ku 350 trees are in the park, which is right across the river from the Asakusa metro station.


7. Tokyo Midtown, Minato-ku Only 150 sakura here, but this is next to a big shopping/restaurant complex and events take place during the blossoming season.


8. Meguro River, Meguro-ku 830 sakura line the river for about 3.8 kilometers.


Less Known


9. Hama Rikyu Gardens , Chuo-ku 100 sakura are in this famous Japanese garden. During sakura season the park stays open later.


10. Asukayama Park, Kita-ku 650 sakura trees of several different varieties here.


11. Nakano Street, Nakano-ku 300 sakura line the street here. Follow the sakura to end up at Tetsugakudo Park, which also is filled with sakura.


12. Zenpukuji River Park, Suginami-ku 700 sakura trees line the Zenpukuji River for a striking 4.2 kilometers. This is personally my favorite sakura spot in Tokyo.


13. Ukima Park, Itabashi-ku 200 sakura are here around a lake.


14. Mizumoto Park, Katsushika-ku 1,300 sakura trees are in this spacious park.


15. Komatsu River Senbon Sakura, Edogawa-ku There are literally over 1,000 sakura trees here, lining the river.


16. Kita no Maru Park, Chiyoda-ku 330 sakura, and a garden full of other flowers. This park is inside the Imperial Palace area.



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