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Flowers For Every Season

Did you know that Japan has 4 seasons?


Yes, I am trolling you, but most likely a person asking you this question in Japan is not.



Japan prides itself on the celebration and recognition of each season. They celebrate seasons with a lot more dedication than in my home country (where I’m from also has very distinct seasons, but we are too ‘busy’ to seldom care).


Because of this season-ultra-sensitivity, Japanese people are more likely to go out of their way to go and be seasonal. Many times this somehow includes flowers.


And because flowers have become such a big deal in Japan, the parks that are famous for these flowers are absolutely beautiful, and usually well put together. It may be worth it to venture out to one of these places if the season happens to be right.


It’s too annoying to write down  how to get to these places (they don’t make it that much easier in Japanese), but if you are dead-set on checking one of these places out, contact me through my contact page and I will try and help you out.


Major Flowers To See


Plum Blossom – Ume


Taken in Ome, about 1 hr west of Tokyo city.


Plum blossoms are a bit of an understated beauty and one of my favorite flowers. They don’t make cotton-candy trees, but they are nice to look at and smell really nice as well.


Misato Bairin, Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture (Feb-March)

100,000 plum trees await you

Address: 群馬県高崎市箕郷町富岡・善地


Minabe Bairin , Wakayama Prefecture (Feb-March)

Known as the best plum orchard in all of Japan.

Address: 和歌山県日高郡みなべ町晩稲


Kairakuen、Ibaraki Prefecture (Website is in English, Chinese, and Korean. Plum blossoms are from Feb-March)

Address and directions are explained in the link above.



Cherry Blossoms – Sakura


Taken in Zenpukuji River Park, Tokyo. Sakura trees line the river there.


Sakura are the ultimate symbol of Japan. They are the result of careful cultivation to ensure that the blossoms are plentiful.

Most of these trees do not bear fruit.

Because of the sakura’s nation-wide popularity, nothing I will make for you guys would measure up to the resources already out there:

The earliest sakura bloom in Dec-Jan in Okinawa, while the latest stay until around May.

The majority of all sakura bloom from March til the beginning of April:

JNTO’s guide to different areas’ blooming seasons

Wikitravel 100 hanami spots in Japan

I have been to many hanami spots in Japan, and I can tell you that one is definitely not enough. You have to go to at least 10 before you can call it quits.


Wisteria – Fuji



The 4-panel comic is exactly how I felt the first time I saw wisteria in Japan. I literally could not believe how beautiful it was. I kid you not.


 Ashikaga Flower Park Tochigi Prefecture (Site is in English, mid April- mid May)

Breathtaking giant wisteria

Address on site in link above


Tennogawa Park in the Nagoya area

The biggest wisteria in Japan

Address: 愛知県津島市宮川町地内


Refresh Area Miyama no Sato (End of April until May)

The longest row of wisteria in Japan

Address: 和歌山県日高川町初湯川202


Japanese Iris – Hanashobu

From Wikipedia


Kamoshobuen Park in Aichi Prefecture (End of May til mid June)

300 varieties of Japanese iris

愛知県豊橋市賀茂町 鎌田地内


Nanrakuen Park, Ehime, Shikoku  (End of May until mid June)

This park is the biggest Japanese garden in all of Shikoku!

Address: 愛媛県宇和島市津島町近家甲1813


Hydrangea – Ajisai

Generic pic from Wikipedia… Couldn’t find my hydrangea pictures. Will replace this.


Shimoda Park Hydrangea, Shizuoka, On the Izu Peninsula (Hydrangea festival is in June)

Address: 静岡県下田市3


 Katahara Onsen Ajisai no Sato, Aichi Prefecture (Festival is held the month of June)

50,000 hydrangea plants!

Address: 愛知県蒲郡市金平町一之沢28-1



Roses – Bara


At the night rose festival at Kyufurukawa Teien near Komagome Station.


Yokohama Rose Park, Kanagawa prefecture

110 varieties of roses only 7 minutes away from the Chinatown Station.

Address: 横浜市中区山手町114


Sosho Park in Nanyo, Yamagata (June-July)

340 varieties!

Address : 山形県南陽市宮内4396-2




Lavendar – Rabenda


Image of Farm Tomita, found on their Wikipedia page


Saika No Sato Sasaki Farm, in Hokkaido ( End of June until the end of September)

Address: 北海道空知郡中富良野町丘町6-1


Farm Tomita, Hokkaido (Site is in English, Korean and Chinese! I’m assuming high season is June-July)

Address and directions written in English in the link above.


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