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“Arrange” Food Culture

Even though Japan is a homogeneous society, it is a society that values food. Go around Tokyo and you will see the proliferation of Italian, French, and Chinese restaurants. In other countries, not seeing a native of anyone of those countries could mean un-authentic cooking; but in Japan it doesn’t necessarily mean that.

Surprisingly, in Japanese restaurants you will often see food “arranged.” “Arranging” is Japanese style fusion. You’ll notice in menu-items like “ma-po monjayaki” (Chinese ma-po tofu + Japanese monjayaki) or “Peperoncino udon” (Italian peperoncino + Japanese udon).

In Japanese you will see the words 「アレンジ」「〇〇風」to describe these dishes.

Arranging food is experimenting with food…It’s all to find something that is delicious and that everyone can enjoy.

September 25  Category:Cuisine 

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