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Natural Sites of Toyama

Toyama was the first place I got to experience in Japan. It is located on the Korea-facing side of Japan and can be easily identified by the large “U” shaped bay area.

It’s got a big of a bad reputation for being in the middle of nowhere and having nothing…


“You will not be able to use SUICA or PASMO in the Toyama area”
(SUICA and PASMO are the electronic money cards used all over the Tokyo area)



But that may just be one of the greatest things about Toyama; any man-made structure in it cannot hold a candle to the natural beauty that is already there.




In case you were wondering where you could experience the scenery of the Netherlands in Japan.

The 2014 Tonami Tulip Fair takes place April 23rd to May 6th.

Here you will see about 1 million tulips. There is even a windmill that was a friendship gift from the Netherlands.







Kurobe Gorge is a large ravine that is one of the deepest gorges in Japan.

You can ride a train through the mountains. The ride takes about 80 minutes, the whole time you will be surrounded by virgin woods. The train travels over 21 bridges (like seen above). There are 10 stops on this train , so it is possible to get out and do some exploring.

The area is filled with scenic outdoor onsen (hot springs), snow that stays all year, and dramatic rock formations.







This route is famous for the amazing snow-wall that is made in the winter months.

Personal cars are not allowed in the area, so your only option is to go by bus.

There is an English site for booking bus tickets here

The snow wall is from Bijodaira to Murodo and can be seen until spring.







Mikuriga Lake is a volcanic crater-lake located in the Tateyama Alpine area, near the peak of Tateyama. The Tateyama peak is actually the mountain that you can see in the picture above.

There are wetlands in the area called “blood ponds” because of their red color caused by iron oxide.


”blood ponds” in Toyama from the Toyama prefectural site

There is an onsen in the area that boasts being the highest altitude hot spring in Japan. It might be interesting to go check it out.





Shomyo Falls are the highest falls in Japan and are also located in the Tateyama Kurobe area. They are accessible by bus from Tateyama station.








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