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Money in Japan-ATMs

One thing that makes Japan particularly hard is the ATM culture.
Over the years it has gotten progressively better, but despite being in possession of Japanese cash cards, there have still been times when I couldn’t find a single ATM I could use.


The ironic thing is that there are ATMs literally EVERYWHERE. Many places have an ATM area that is closed at night and the early morning. Depending on your bank, you may not be able to withdraw money at certain hours even if you are at a 24-hr ATM. This mostly applies to regional banks, but some big banks also are like this.



Japan is a country that is no stranger to overtime when it comes to humans, but when it comes to machines, it is a very different story.


If you are traveling, you should know that many places still do not accept credit cards, so you need to make sure you have ample cash on you at all times. Here are some places where you can go stock up on cash:


  1. 7-11 ATMS <- There is one in every 7-11. 
  2. Japanese Postal Banks <- Harder to spot, they have a logo in green that says “JP Bank.” They often close early.
  3. Citibank ATMS <-Very few in number 


For more information that is more specific to the card that you use check out: (general) (postal bank) (how to operate the ATM in case there is no English available)


If you have any ATM stories, or information that is relevant feel free to comment or message me.

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