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Diagram of School Uniforms


I decided that there needed to be something on this site dedicated to one of my favorite things in Japan: school uniforms.

(I like them because I suffered the terrible fate of wearing a terrible uniform)

Kids in Japan have a plethora of different designs and uniforms to choose from. I’ve heard of some girls who have designed their school uniform and even some who have picked their school based off of the uniform! (You would hope the academics also had a factor in the decision)

Anecdote time: I taught JH level English in Gunma prefecture for 1.5 years and was terribly disappointed to find out that all the kids wore tracksuits, all the time!

(I sound like a creeper, but I just wanted to finally see what I had always seen in anime/manga)

However, I got over the initial disappointment of the no-school uniform life pretty quickly when I realized that all the kids’ names were embroidered onto their track suits.

You have no idea how hard it is to remembered 300+ kids names…especially when they all are wearing the exact same track suit. Those embroidered names were a lifesaver.

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