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8 of the Best Shaved Ice Shops in Japan

There are many Japanese “summer foods” such as the classic, watermelon, or cold noodles known as “somen,” or fried eggplants drowned in a dashi.

But my favorite summer food, hands down, would have to be the humble shaved ice, or “kakigori.”


Describing kakigori as a snow-cone or the like is a disgrace to kakigori. When you get down to it, it is an extremely simple combo of crushed ice + flavored syrup. It is because it is so simple, getting it right can be likened to an art (maybe I am building it up too much, but it is awesome).

Kakigori is extremely easy to find because there is a fixed symbol for it:




It usually is represented by a red character for “ice” with tumultuous blue waves underneath.

(kakigori is so delicious that even the ocean tries to reach up and taste it <- this is one interpretation I thought of now)


For serious connoisseurs of kakigori ONLY. A 3 hour wait would not be completely surprising. This store prides itself on using local, natural spring water for its ice. There is also an art gallery attached.

located in Chichibu, Saitama

3 minute walk from Nagatoro Station.

Address: 埼玉県秩父郡皆野町金崎27-1

Open from 10:00~17:00
※When the crowds are overwhelming they will stop taking orders at 15:00. YUP, it is that popular.


One of the most highly ranked kakigori places on restaurant ranking site, Tabelog. Their kakigori is almost like a snowball and they have special flavors like yuzu daikon (yuzu-citrus fruit, daikon- radish) and potato corn.

Located in Kumagaya, Saitama

7 minute walk from Kami-Kumagaya Station

Address: 埼玉県熊谷市仲町45

Open from 11:30~18:00 (in the summer, they open at 11)


This beachside kakigori shop is perfect for after a long day exposed to the sun. The ices are pretty big and round like snowballs. The sakura milk flavor has little cherry blossoms cut out of jelly on it.

Located in Fujisawa, Kanagawa

3 minutes from Kugenumakaigan Station

Address: 神奈川県藤沢市鵠沼海岸3-5-11

Open from 11:00~18:00(L.O.17:00)


Momijiya is another store that boasts the pureness of its water as the element that sets their ice apart. Their water comes from Tochigi, more specifically, the famous mountain destination of Nikko. They have a pretty big selection of mainly fruit flavors.

Located in Tokyo, Tokyo

Near Umejima Station

Address: 東京都足立区梅田3-19-15 1F

Open from 11:00~17:30


This kakigori is layered thin slices, making it a little bit of a different texture than most shaved ices. This shop likes to use real fruit along with its syrups. This place also has monster-sized pancakes.

Located in Kashiwa, Chiba

5 minutes from the east exit of Kashiwa Station.

Address: 千葉県柏市1-5-5 谷澤ビル2F

Open from 11:00~18:00


Himitsudo is far from a “himitsu” (secret). It is a wildly popular Tokyo kakigori shop. They serve up seasonal flavors with a main focus on fruit. Expect to wait in a line for a while.

*I talk about Himitsudo and things to see in the area around it in this article.

Located in Tokyo, Tokyo

8 minute walk from JR Nippori Station

Address: 東京都台東区谷中3-11-18

Open from 11:00~18:00 (in summer until 20:00)






This adorable old-style cafe serves a highly rated quality green tea shaved ice. They also have a variety of Japanese teas and sweets.

Located in Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi

Short walk from Shin-Yamaguchi Station

Address: 山口県山口市小郡下郷明治西1248-41

Open from 9:00~19:00


You might walk by Chimoto without noticing it because of its traditional, understated design. But if you walk on by you would be missing out on classic Japanese kakigori that is bursting with Japanese traditional ingredients like sweet beans and kanten (known as agar-agar. People might be familiar with it as the gel you use in a petri dish. It can be people food as well as bacteria food!)

Located in Tokyo, Tokyo

Right in front of Toritsu Daigaku Station

Address: 東京都目黒区八雲1-4-6

Open from 10:00~18:00




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