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Akihabara Game Centers

“Game Centers” (most commonly known in English as “game arcades”) are a major attraction in Japan that are among the cheapest forms of entertainment. It’s no surprise that there are some pretty big game centers in Akihabara.


Game centers are home to several types of games: coin gambling games, fighting games, rhythm games, trivia games and more. One of my favorite types and by far the most frustrating is the UFO catcher (or “crane game”).


UFO catchers have different prizes. Some are easier to get than others. Some of the hardest are ones where you try for a figure.

If you look below, I put a map together that shows you the location of some interesting game centers in the Akihabara area.




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Area map

Akihabara Game Centers

より大きな地図で Akihabara Map を表示


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