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Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

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Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is an amusement park with a giant aquarium. It is a great place to come to if you have kids, are hanging out with friends, or if you want someplace to go and take your date for a fun outing.


It is completely free to enter the park, but the attractions all have a fixed price unless you buy a day pass. The park is also divided into 2 parts: Pleasure Land (the amusement park part, 3000 yen) and Aqua Resorts (the aquarium, 3000 yen). There is also a one day pass that is all-inclusive for 5,000 yen.



Address: 〒236-0006 Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, Hakkeijima, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama

Access: from Yokohama Station ride the JR Negishi Line to Shin Sugita Station and transfer to the Seaside Line. Get off at Hakkeijima.



The grassy area of the amusement park. You can picnic here.


The main attractions in the amusement park area are the free fall and the roller coaster. There is a also an area with little boats that you can ride around in in an enclosed area.



Free Fall! Feel the excitement of being dropped at high speed.



The roller coaster. Beware of the wait. The lines can get longer than an hour on peak days.



The favorite attraction of Japanese people…clamming. You’ll need to bring your own bucket and shovel though.



Sea Paradise Tower, an unusual tower where you get on a bench, ride up, and slowly get spun around to get the full view.



On a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji!

The other half of the park is a huge aquarium which features all sorts of animals and even has some shows. The biggest fish on display is a giant whale shark.



The biggest tank in the aquarium



A school of sardines. This is one of the most impressive of the sights to see.




Little eels



The dolphin show


More of the show

There are 14 eating areas besides the food court at Sea Paradise, so there isn’t really a need to worry if you are bringing along picky kids….or picky friends.

The best of these places in the “Kaisen BBQ” (seafood barbecue). You get to  pick what meats, seafood, and veggies you want to grill up, pay for them, and then take them outside for your very own barbecue!



The barbecue restaurant


This is where you might say “otsukaresama” (job well done/mission accomplished) after a long day


If you are in the Yokohama area, or just want to escape the city, you might want to check out Hakkeijima Sea Paradise. There is enough here to fill your day as well as fill your stomach!



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