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Free WiFi in Japan



Japan is known world-wide as a highly technologically advanced nation. So it comes as a shock when you come here with all of your WiFi-capable devices only to find that there is virtually no free wifi (I feel like this is changing soon and there will definitely be more WiFi options available as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics draws closer).


But until then! What are your options?


14 Day Free WiFi

NTT offers free Wifi to tourists. You just need to go to one of these places.

Present your passport and connect! As shown here.

It’s so nice that a telecommunications company wants to make tourists’ lives easier. NTT should have hotspots all over Japan, so you should be able to get by solely with this service. But just in case…..



“Unconditionally” Free WiFi

It is just free; however, you have to find your way to a spot where they give out the passcards.

Spots in Tokyo:


THE CATCH: You need to register online first

(And then you only have it valid for 6 months. If you want to use it again you must register again!)



JREast Free WiFi

I have no idea why only JREast offers this service. You would think the other JRs would follow suit and offer service.

Information is all in this PDF that JREast has online here.



Yup! Good ‘ole Starbucks also has free WiFi! But first you will need to REGISTER.

Register here:



Has a service called “7-Spot,” catch is that it is aimed for domestic users, so there is no English support!

If you want to connect, you can take a chance at trying to decipher the Japanese directions.

It actually is not that hard. With every device the flow is pretty much to open your browser and push the reddish orange button that says “インターネット接続” on the 7-Spot homepage.



Free (No PreRegistration Needed) Wifi in Certain Areas

Yes! There is no-need for registration WiFi!

But only in very specific areas, so keep a look-out for connectivity.

Oddly enough, it seems like Osaka is one of the major cities in Japan with no free Wifi spot!



– G-Free is the free WiFi network for the main shopping street in Ginza.

– And Omo-free, the network around Meiji Shrine and Harajuku/Omotesando area is available in these locations!



Shijo Musen Lan is available around the shopping arcades around Shijo Dori in Kyoto.



– Register on-site when you see the network, “Hiroshima_Free_Wi-Fi”

Details on where/how to use here.



Fukuoka City WiFi, available at every train station and other locations. Find details here.

Tenjin Underground Shopping Mall, the large underground shopping mall in Fukuoka. WiFi connection details here.



– A free wireless network at many different sights around the Mt. Fuji area. Site is here for details.


Obviously some hotels will have free wireless for you to use but, it is still a bit of a rarity.

Hope this was helpful to you guys! I know that is ironic to write about how to connect to the internet on the internet, but just bear with me.




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