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Towers in Japan

List of favorite towers in Japan (listed by Japanese people):

1. Tokyo Tower: 333 meters

2. Tokyo Sky Tree: 634 meters

3. Gojyunoto (Oldest 5-story pagoda in Japan at Horyuji Temple in Nara): 31.5 meters

4. Tsutenkaku: 100 meters

5. Kyoto Tower: 131 meters

6. Taiyonoto (Surreal tower constructed during the Osaka World Expo, designed by Okamoto Taro): 70 meters

7. Fukuoka Tower: 234 meters

8. Sapporo TV Tower: 147 meters

9. Yokohama Marine Tower: 106 meters

10. Nagoya TV Tower: 180 meters (Oldest TV tower in Japan)


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Area map

Towers of Japan
  • Tokyo Tower
  • Tokyo Sky Tree
  • Gojyunoto
  • Tsuntenkaku
  • Kyoto Tower
  • Taiyonoto
  • Fukuoka Tower

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