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Towers in Japan

There is one group of large steel structures that Japan loves more than giant robots:  towers. Most Japanese cities have at least one tower dotting their sky line. Towers are a symbol of pride for people. The most recent addition to the Tokyo skyline, Tokyo Sky Tree, broke the world record for tallest broadcasting tower in the world.

List of favorite towers in Japan (listed by Japanese people):

1. Tokyo Tower: 333 meters

2. Tokyo Sky Tree: 634 meters

3. Gojyunoto (Oldest 5-story pagoda in Japan at Horyuji Temple in Nara): 31.5 meters

4. Tsutenkaku: 100 meters

5. Kyoto Tower: 131 meters

6. Taiyonoto (Surreal tower constructed during the Osaka World Expo, designed by Okamoto Taro): 70 meters

7. Fukuoka Tower: 234 meters

8. Sapporo TV Tower: 147 meters

9. Yokohama Marine Tower: 106 meters

10. Nagoya TV Tower: 180 meters (Oldest TV tower in Japan)


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Area map

Towers of Japan
  • Tokyo Tower
  • Tokyo Sky Tree
  • Gojyunoto
  • Tsuntenkaku
  • Kyoto Tower
  • Taiyonoto
  • Fukuoka Tower

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