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Comiket “Comic Market”

If you are a fan of either an anime or manga and like to follow what the fan community is doing, then you’ve probably already heard of Comiket, Japan’s largest event for self-published works (comics, novels, original merchandise, games, etc.). I wanted to use the word, “indie” but couldn’t bring myself to because, while there are a lot of original creations ,they are completely outnumbered compared to the fanworks.
There are 2 Comikets: summer (August) and winter (December). To be honest, even though the summer one has more traffic and is more popular the heat is probably not worth it.
In summer of 2013 there was so much moisture and body heat that a cloud actually formed inside the convention hall…

This is why I try to go to the winter one rather than the summer one.
I happened to find some pics I took from Winter Comiket.

Going up to Big Sight (I went in later to avoid the morning rush).

Entrance and people with their doujinshi

Some lines for popular artists….(Get there early if you are aiming for a popular artist. Popular people usually sell out by noon)

Why do it? Why wait in line all day to get your hands on the original merchandise of thousands of talented artists?
I think this guy could probably answer that for you.


  • Get the magazine before going. You can buy it at any store selling large amounts of manga. It’s got a map and list of participants and is literally your ticket in.
  • Draw all over that map. Try and guess who will sell out first. Order is important.
  • Hydrate yourself. There are vending machines outside the halls, but don’t go without eating/drinking.
  • Bring just the bare minimum and a folding tote bag. BOOKS ARE HEAVY
  • Bring something to occupy yourself while waiting. Or bring a friend to talk to in line…Better yet, make a friend in line!Then you and that friend can split up and go after everything you both want.
  • Dress for every temperature (winter). Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean it isn’t gonna be sweltering hot inside (it is).

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