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Day Trips With the Seishun 18 Ticket

I recently bought a Seishun 18 Ticket, which is a seasonal all-you-can-ride JR train pass that is valid 5 times. 1 time is a day of use for 1 person. If you are 5 people you can ALL USE the same ticket to travel for the day, if you are 1 person, you have 5 days of travel.



(One day is defined as starting midnight to the following midnight. If you pass midnight and try to use it, you have started to use another day on your ticket)

You might feel compelled to go somewhere really far away with the ticket, but you can actually go many places outside of Tokyo while still getting at least 3 times the value of the ticket.


I am actually using mine to make a multi-stop train journey up through Tochigi, Fukushima, and Miyagi Prefecture. This ticket is also worth it if you use it like that to keep getting off and getting on. There is some information about the trip I am taking on my pass:



 Getting the Ticket


Go to any Midori no Madoguchi at a JR Station to buy the ticket. You can buy it from the ticket machines in there.


Spring period:
Sold:February 20th to March 31st
Valid:March 1st to April 10th

Summer period:
Sold:July 1st to August 31st
Valid:July 20th to September 10th

Winter period:
Sold:December 1st to December 31st
Valid:December 10th to January 10th

Places you can day-trip to with the 18 ticket:



Atami & Ito, Shizuoka




I actually did an article on Shimoda (it is a bit past Ito) if you want to check it out here:


Why would you go?

Beaches, seafood, and tons of natural hot springs. Atami is the onsen resort town, but you can continue on trains further down the peninsula to get to Shimoda, which is less crowded and has better beaches.


How long does it take?

Tokkaido Rapid Express Acty  Tokyo->Atami  96 minutes

Ito Line Atami->Ito 22 minutes

price: 2,268 yen

(price is only included so you understand the value of the distance you went. The way back should be the same price)



Mishima, Shizuoka





Why would you go?

Beautiful parks and views of Mt. Fuji…also this town inspired the penname of one of Japan’s most celebrated modern writers, Yukio Mishima.

Here are some sightseeing spots there:



How long does it take?

Tokkaido Rapid Express Acty Tokyo-> Kozu 69 minutes

Tokkaido Line  Kozu-> Mishima 43 minutes

price: 2,270 yen



Nagano City, Nagano


Why would you go?

History and skiing. There was a historic battle fought here and some important temples. There are also mountains surrounding the entire area.

Sights of Nagano:

How long does it take?

Okay, this is a bit long for a day trip, but doable if you left Tokyo at the crack of dawn!

Say you left Shinjuku at 4:58 am…..this would be your course

Chuo Line*  Shinjuku -> Takao   59 minutes

Chuo Line   Takao -> Okaya   171 minutes

Chuo Line   Okaya -> Matsumoto  26 minutes

Chuo Line   Matsumoto -> Nagano  92 minutes

*(The Chuo Line is a very long line, most trains do not go straight down the full length of it.)

You would get to Nagano Station at 11:09 am! Just in time for lunch and a date around before you have to catch the last train back to Shinjuku at 6:10 pm. 


Kusatsu Onsen, Gunma



I wrote an article about Kusatsu Hot Spring here:


Why would you go?

Skiing in the winter, hiking in the summer, and hot springs galore.

How long does it take?

 Shonan Shinjuku Special Rapid  Shinjuku-> Takasaki 105 minutes

Agatsuma Line Takasaki-> Naganohara Kusatsuguchi 87 minutes

price: 3,020 yen

*You have to take a bus at the station to get into town. Pretty detailed instructions are written out here:


Oouchijuku, Fukushima



Why would you go?

Get transported back to a time when all the highways were traversed by food, and inns and shops like these would cluster around where travelers would visit. The soba noodles served here are well-known. There are some hot springs in the surrounding area.


How long does it take?

You have to go by bus to the actual site, but the closest station JR station is Shinshirakawa Station. Take a bus from there at the number 3 bus terminal. The bus is 1,400 yen and there are only two buses one at 11:10 and one that 14:10. The bus back from Oouchijuku is 16:50, so I would not suggest taking the later bus unless you want to stay in the area.

Leave Ueno at 7:57 am (this is the taking the bus at 11:10 am scenario)

Utsunomiya Rapid Express Rabbit Ueno -> Utsunomiya   90 minutes

Tohoku Line -> Utsunomiya -> Kuroiso      51 minutes

Tohoku Line -> Kuroiso -> Shinshirakawa  22 minutes

price: 3,350 yen




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