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AAYTP’s Summer Kickstarter Party this Friday at the FIAT CAFFE

Japan-based NPO, African American Youth Travel Program is holding their first summer fundraiser! This NPO's mission is bringing the gift of travel abroad to even underprivileged high school kids wh...

June 04

Tsukiji Shishi Festival (lion festival) this month in the Tsukiji area

This festival is most known for the lions heads that come out for the festivities. There are 2 lion heads: one for men and one for women. Women and men carry each one and parade around. The 10th wi...

June 03

Toukasan Festival, one of Hiroshima’s 3 major festivals 6/6-6/8

This festival is famous for being all about the yukata (a cotton summer kimono). It marks the beginning of the season of wearing yukatas. There are bon dances, and various outdoor stalls of foods a...

May 30

Suigo Sawara Iris Festival 5/31 until 6/29.

Suigo Sawara Iris Festival starts this weekend in Katori, Chiba. Suigo Sawara Aquatic Botanical Garden specializes in irises and lotuses. There are 400 varieties and 1.5 million iris flowers here (...

May 29

Beer Festival Tokyo 2014 at Ebisu Garden Place 5/31-6/1

All you need is pay the entrance fee to sample the 120 different varieties of beers. Local beers, the beer festival award winners, and a selection of foreign beers are all available to taste.  ...

May 29

Torigoe Festival on June 7th and 8th in Taito-ku!

Torigoe Festival is a festival that takes place at Torigoe Shrine and boasts a 1360 year history. They will bring out the portable shrine (said to be one of the heaviest in Tokyo) and approx. 200,000 ...

May 29

A cafe that serves sweets flown in from all over Japan, Rakuten Cafe! To open 5/29

Tomorrow May, 29th, will be the grand opening of the 3-story Rakuten Cafe in Shibuya. Those familiar with Rakuten know that it is one of the biggest net-shopping malls in Japan. One of their mos...

May 28
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