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Cooking Charaben: Rirakkuma and Friends Bento




Today we are going to make a Rirakkuma-inspired bento!

If you don’t know who Rirakkuma is I think you should really go educate yourself (because he is a super cute character). If you aren’t really into cute things, I wonder about your motivations for making a cute bento lunch.



  • small bun/roll
  • boiled egg (cut it in half and shave off a bit of the bottom so that it doesn’t roll around)
  • hot dog
  • slice cheese
  • green beans (boiled and sliced)
  • lettuce
  • seaweed
  • cherry tomato
  • carrot
  • cucumber


Things you will need:

  • A knife
  • chopping board
  • scissors (that you can use for food)
  • food picks
  • cup



Get all your ingredients out.

Take your roll and make a sandwich. You don’t have to make the sandwich exactly how we do it here. Cold cuts are hard to find in Japan, so this sandwich is pretty vegetarian because off it.

Put lettuce, cucumber, tomato, cheese and a bit of mayo (if you’d like) into the sandwich.


Make two circle cut outs with the cheese, and one boiled carrot cut-out circle.

Take seaweed and carefully cut out pieces for the face. You may want to study the finished picture to try and get the face the same.




Put the faces onto the food. If it seems like the parts won’t stick, use mayonnaise as an adhesive to stick them on.



Cut the hot dog while raw in the fashion below. Boil it after you have made all the cuts.




Arrange your hot dog clovers, egg-faces, and the rest of your vegetables.


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